Organization Design “Coffee to Cocktails Club”

Organization Design Coffee Club
March 21st
3rd Tuesday’s @ 11 AM (EDT) | 4 PM (CEST)

**Note March times may be different than you are used to . . . 
due to different dates for Daylight Savings
across the globe**

Join community member, Julian Chender and other practitioners in this virtual “meet-up”

March Topic:  Design as the Link from Strategy to Action

Description: Harvard Business Review is running a series of articles on bridging strategy to action. They say it’s the biggest challenge facing organizations today. Yet in 1969, Peter Drucker said it was the biggest challenge facing organizations then. How is it that half a century later we are facing the same issues? In this Coffee to Cocktails Club, we will explore why activating strategy is so difficult and how Organization Design can bridge strategy to action.

  • Question 1: Where have you seen strategy activated well? Who was there, what were they doing, and how were they doing it?
  • Question 2: What role does design play in activating strategy? Think holistically….
  • Question 3: How can our designs focus more on activating strategy? What do we need to do differently as Org Designers?

The Org Design Coffee Club will meet monthly and use breakout rooms for small groups conversations on topics of special interest in the field. We encourage people at all levels of experience and a vast array of interests to attend.

Event Information

}  March 21, 2023
  Tuesday, 12:30 pm to 01:30 pm
n  ODF Event
  [email protected]

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   Organization Design Forum
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