Organization Design “Coffee to Cocktails Club”


Tuesday, April 18| 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EDT)

(third Tuesdays)


Join community member, Julian Chender

Let’s talk all things Organization Design! ODF will host a monthly virtual coffee (or cocktail depending on where you are in the globe) club for people interested in or working in the field. Would you want to join? What are you fascinated by? Let us know!

April Topic:  Designing for Social Change

When we engage in organization design work, we are changing social systems. Often, this is in a corporate setting. But, what does organization design look like if we were to apply our skills either to 1) organizations working on solving social issues or 2) to solving social issues while working between organizations, such as community groups, politicians, government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations? Do we think organization design has the power to change society?

During this chat, we will ask ourselves:
1. Where have we seen this done, either intentionally or ignorantly? What were the outcomes?
2. What would you do if given the chance? What knowledge, and experience would you use to solve for social issues in your communities, countries, and regions?


The Org Design Coffee Club will meet monthly for group conversation on topics of special interest in the field. We encourage people at all levels of experience and a vast array of interests to attend.

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}  April 18, 2023
  Tuesday, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
n  ODF Event

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