Design Dilemma: Total Commitment to Design Outcomes from Day One… and then It Happened!

Join a new format for an ODF Community Conversation
September 27 | 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM (EDT)

Total Commitment to Design Outcomes from Day One… and then It Happened!

ODF’s Community Engagement & Learning Team is pleased to launch a new series we’re calling “Design Dilemmas.” Each Design Dilemma session will feature a community member sharing an organization design challenge they have and getting perspectives from others in the call.  The conversations will be facilitated by a organization design expert.  

Sessions are designed to be interactive and focused on learning, whether you are new to the work or wrote the book on it!

Case Study:

Situation:  A top three US Insurance company contracted an IT benchmarking firm who reports that the IT Function is seriously capability deficient in three areas and financially it spends in the 95th Percentile.

Client: Prescription:  Contract an OD firm, at a fixed price and specified time-frame to redesign the IT organization and its interfaces with operating units. Success to be defined as a minimum 30% Annual budget reduction with no negative impact on operating unit performance. Note: 11 months till annual budget cycle.

Our session will be facilitated by Mark LaScola with ON THE MARK

Mark’s passion for collaborative organization design and operating model modernization sits at the heart of OTM. Since his first redesign experience in 1987, Mark has focused his career on learning, delivering, and innovating this honorable work over OTM’s 33 years. Mark authored OTM’s organization design solution – the most comprehensive, holistic, and integrated organization design solution in the industry based on OTM’s successful delivery of close to 500 redesigns and operating model modernizations around the globe.  He has trained over 5,000 internal change agents, managers, and executives in OTM’s unique organization design solution. Mark believes deeply in giving back to our industry. He and OTM team members and alumni are active members of the ODF, the ODC, EODF and STS.  Mark is a current board member on the Organization Design Community (ODC), a past founding board member of the European Organisation Design Forum and is proudly a Certified Organization Design Practitioner (CODP).  When not traveling for fun and work, Mark resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Do you have a Design Dilemma you would like help with in a future session?

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