Organization Design “Coffee to Cocktails Club”

Organization Design Coffee Club
January 18th
3rd Tuesday’s @ 11 AM (ET) | 5 PM (CET)

Join community member, Julian Chender . . .

Let’s talk all things Organization Design! Julian has offered to host a virtual coffee (or cocktail depending on where you are in the globe) club for people interested in or working in the field. Would you want to join? Topics Julian is currently interested in include relational power, authority, and identity. What are you fascinated by? Let us know!

The Org Design Coffee Club will meet monthly for group conversation on topics of special interest in the field. We encourage people at all levels of experience and a vast array of interests to attend.

Theme for this month: “Addressing Power in Organization Design”

The session will be a mix of small and large group conversations with prompting questions around this topic. We will explore how we manage power in our Organization Design work.

Event Information

}  January 18, 2022
  Tuesday, 09:00 am to 10:00 am
n  ODF Event
  [email protected]

Event Organizer

   Organization Design Forum
  [email protected]

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