Organizing with Purpose. . .

Why this for our 2022 theme?

In this new era of stakeholder capitalism, leaders are increasingly operating for optimized performance and positive impact, supported by better measurement tools and technology. How can designers contribute to leaders’ efforts to align purpose, impact, and organizational performance?In the last several years the purpose of organizations has been challenged to evolve in times of high disruption.  Employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders are looking for intangible assets and sustainable brand value. Join us at our April 2022 conference at the historic Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky where we will explore themes related to purpose and positive impact:

  • How is work changing or how does work need to change?
  • What is the new “company-stakeholder contract” and how does design contribute?
  • What are the practical implications of designing for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals?
  • What is the impact on business outcomes when we design for purpose?

April 13th will offer hybrid sessions

Not able to make it to Louisville?  Join us April 13th as a virtual participant for the sessions planned between 8:30 AM – 4:45 PM (EDT).  Your $199 registration for the Hybrid Day will include access to the day’s sessions, options to network virtually, and limited content for all three days of conference sessions via Howspace.  Scroll down to select your ticket for the day.

Sessions include:

    • The Repurposing of Organization Design
    • OD in DAO? Early Observations About Distributed Autonomous Organizations from an Organization Designer
    • Navigate Organization Design Implementation and Change With Data & Analytics
    • Wellbeing at Work: Impact to Organization Performance

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Join us at the historic Brown Hotel

in downtown Louisville, KY

Conference Rates (based on availability thru 3/19/22):
 – $179+tax (Deluxe)
–  $199+tax (Luxury)
We offer complimentary shuttle van service to/from Louisville International Airport.
Once you have landed, please call 502-583-1234 for shuttle pick up.

Staying Safe at the Conference During the Pandemic

We are excited to be once again hosting our conference in-person. We are also designing April 13th to offer hybrid sessions for those unable to travel this year.


The ODF will be following CDC guidelines to ensure everyones safety.

The organizing committee are working with local authorities and monitoring the changing COVID-19 landscape.  We will list specific important safety practices when confirmed.

Please review the current CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Wikipedia


Keynote Presentations

Applying ONA to Align How Work Really Gets Done to the Organization’s Design and Purpose

Steve Garcia

Explore how to apply insights learned from organizational network analysis (ONA) and the informal networks it can uncover that are giving employees a way of adapting to rapidly changing market conditions. These insights can be applied to uncover and tap into employees’ sense of purpose, enhance collaboration, eliminate decision-making bottlenecks, expand leadership capacity, and foster innovation.

Moving from Strategy as Stated to Strategy as Practiced

Reed Deshler & Todd Christian

Successful organization redesign efforts connect marketplace promises to design choices. Explore ways organizations and leaders are working to align their organization choices and decision making with their marketplace intentions.

The Repurposing of Organization Design

Stu Winby

Purpose and environmental, social, and technological issues represent critical challenges for both the organization design practitioner and executive. Current shifts in organization design are discussed, and specifically the emerging new role of the design practitioner.

OD in DAO? Early Observations About Distributed Autonomous Organizations from an Organization Designer

Sarah Sonnenfeld joined by members of talentDAO

What are Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)? And how might we as organization designers be experimenting in this highly emergent space?

Wellbeing at Work:  Impact to Organization Performance

Dave Allman, Careots

How are you really doing? And why does it matter?  Wellbeing of workers is the hottest of topics in 2022, and for good reason: employee wellbeing is a defining factor in organizational health, and therefore performance.  Applying the correlations between workforce wellbeing, resilience, engagement, and organization performance provide purposeful drivers to design, measure, and advance organizational results.

Peer Workshops

Investors Driving Action: ESG as An Organizational Growth Imperative

Dan Lamp, Molly Maymar, Leah Waterhouse, and Julie Porskjær

Authentic commitment to lasting environmental, social, and governance impact is critical for corporate credibility. This session will focus on the unique challenge of designing an ESG function into the operating model.

Using Role Identity to Design for Purpose

Cole Jackson

Designing a purpose-driven organization requires balancing shared and individual identity. This interactive session will introduce new ways to think about and design for roles with a unique focus on roles as drivers of individual and organizational purpose.

Navigate Organization Design Implementation and Change With Data & Analytics

Neelima Paranjpey and Angie Keister

Data and analytics is changing the way we do business. Are your Organization Design efforts leveraging this science? In this session we will introduce you to a method for using data & analytics to navigate the organization changes required to deliver the organization design and achieve business outcomes.

Designing for Inclusive Stakeholder Capitalism: The Co-Creation of Mutual Value

Bernard Mohr, Toni Racco Benner, & Neil Samuels

We will explore the design implications when a corporation chooses to shift from a Shareholder to a Stakeholder model. Design implication include aligning corporate purpose, business model/strategy and operating model.

Designing Purpose into Politics: A Participatory Case Study

Julian Chender and Christopher Carroll

In this session we will take an Action Learning approach and challenge participants to design a purpose-driven elected office while working within the confines of the inherent system.

Intentional Design: Organization Design for Employee Well-being

Kavitha Reddy, Charles Gray, Tamara Schult

The Department of Veterans Affairs is piloting the ability for employees to participate in self-care activities while at work. This pilot set aside 1-hour of protected time for employees to engage in self-care. The results of this pilot will be discussed making important linkages to how managers/organizations support employees’ health and well-being.

Using Purpose Archetypes to Inform Purpose-Driven Design

Kiersten Rippeteau

Help get your organization on a practical path to purpose-driven. Join us to discover your organization’s purpose archetype and explore the design and operations implications behind it.

The Participation Principle

Molly Breazeale

Staying true to our theme, Organizing with Purpose, this highly interactive session centers around the pivotal question, “How can designers contribute to leader’s efforts to align purpose, impact, and organizational performance?”

Emergent Forces - Exploring Trends and Technology That Will Shape Our Practice

Carlos Valdes-Dapena and Craig McGee

Through a structured process, participants will share their insights into rapidly evolving trends and technologies that are having, or soon could have, implications for Organization Design Practitioners

4 Principles of Connection: Creating Purpose Through Meaningful Employee Experiences

Jason Cochran

The 4 Principles of Connection Model addresses the core connections essential in the employee experience for aligning to and deploying purpose throughout an organization. As we explore the model, we’ll focus on the inherent organization design connections.

Pre-Conference Workshops

We devote the day before the conference to workshops that build knowledge, skills, and competence for practitioners at different stages in their career.

Introduction to the Practice of Organization Design

Monday, May 1, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
$349 ($149 Student)

Are you new to the field of organization design? Do you want to better understand and be conversant in foundational organization design models and processes? If so, this engaging, interactive program will build your awareness, understanding, and knowledge as an emerging practitioner of organization design. You will be introduced to a growing, inclusive, learning community and connect what you already know to the vital practice of organization design!

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